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Jan 06 2016

Wilf the mighty worrier battles a pirate by Georgia Pritchett

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Ill. by Jamie Littler. Quercus Books, 2015. ISBN 9781848669079
(Age:7-8) Recommended. Themes: Worry, Pirates, Boys, Adventure, Humourous Stories. Young Wilf comes from a long line of worriers; his family tree includes Norman the Neurotic, Annie the Anxious and Freddie the Fretful. His current set of worries focuses on the actions of Alan his evil next-door neighbour - who comes from a long line of evil doers. Alan determines to follow in the footsteps of pirate Long John Alan a distant relative. When Wilf enquires about the necessary equipment - a ship, a parrot and an eye-patch, the whole kerfuffle begins.
Anxiety and worry are Wilf's constant companions, even playing with his best friend Stuart the woodlouse, knitting, whistling and constantly referring to his new self-help leaflet do not really help. Things take a turn for the worse when Alan begins to build a pirate ship in his front yard. In seventeen days with a little help from Kevin Phillips the dog, the vessel is complete and the worst pirate in the world is ready to set sail. Wilf, Dot his baby sister and Stuart unfortunately become stowaways on board trying to find Dot's stolen bucket and spade . . .
Crazy scenes with an array of quirky characters, ably accompanied by Jamie Littler's cartoon illustrations take the reader on an action-filled adventure. Kerfuffle after kerfuffle occurs, with several false finishes, Wilf learns to think fast, bringing the story to a big finale. Has Wilf learned his lesson, has he stopped worrying, no? Georgia Pritchett promises more adventures to come.
Rhyllis Bignell

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