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Dec 30 2015

Inbetween days by Vikki Wakefield

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Text, 2015. ISBN: 9781922182364
(Age: 16+) Highly recommended. It is almost impossible to put this book down. The characters are so well developed the reader feels as if they know them personally, and cannot help but care about them deeply.
This is a book about relationships and growing into an acceptance of self. Every character in this gritty and richly drawn story has a part to play in exploring the sense of self, the perception of the value of women, and acceptance of difference.
Jacklin Bates (known as Jack) is 17 years old. She compares herself to others and judges herself to be lesser. Jack has dropped out of school and moved out of home to live with her sister, Trudy. The scenes between Jack and her sister are riveting and evocatively portray the love/hate relationship that siblings can bring out in the very best of us.
Jack lives in small town. The description of this town is haunting in creating a sense of suffocation and inevitability that is possible in a small country town bypassed by not only by a highway, but the rest of the world.
The great work of this book is in the gradual release of information that has the reader always sure they know what is going on, only to find (as in life) that there is often something else going on behind the scenes. And through it all the reader is always looking for the best to happen for the characters. This book will give the reader many moments to relate to and many a pause for thought.
Linda Guthrie

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