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Dec 30 2015

The Lost Kingdom by Nicholas and Alison Lochel

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Zarkora bk 2. Hachette, 2015. ISBN 9780734416445
(Age: 10+) The Lost Kingdom follows the Fyrelit Tragedy and is the second in the four-book Zarkora series. The main characters, Neleik and Ervine continue their quest to rescue their sister, Skye. Accompanied by Princess Kyia and Uncle T'shink they commence the final leg of their journey to the kingdom of Lo'rin to outwit the evil Versalos.
This book begins slowly as the reader is reminded of the events of the first book in detail. The story as it unfolds is described elaborately. The twists and turns see the group encountering old foes and being rescued by unexpected champions. The Fyrelit family holds a dark secret, and this becomes clear to Neleik and Ervine as their lives are held in the balance in Lo'rin in a battle of good against evil. The epilogue sets the scene for the third book The Mark of the Jackal revealing Versalos as a pawn of a much greater enemy.
For Middle Primary readers who can't resist a book that begins with a map, this is an exciting read with lots of adventure to keep the reader involved. For adult readers the romance between Neleik and princess Kyia may seem overly intense given her age of thirteen.
Linda Guthrie

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