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Dec 21 2015

Donald Doing's house of verbs by Marianna Shek

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Rock on Kitty Publications, 2015. ISBN 9780994266613
Donald Doing owned a shop called the 'House of Verbs'. It dealt with action and people came to Donald for help as each box in his shop had a new action word or verb for them. Mr. Neverthere catapulted through the air, Delly spiraled out the door but little Nora had difficulty finding just the right box with just the right word.
This story could be used for teaching verbs in the classroom. In fact, there are writing (and drawing) activities at the end of the story to encourage children to continue to use imaginative words.
I found the ending both unsatisfying and abrupt and I am unsure children would select this story themselves to read.
The illustrations are vividly coloured and highlight the actions in the story.
I would recommend this book as a teaching tool in primary school.
Jane Moore

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