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Dec 14 2015

Icky-Pedia: A dictionary of disgusting new words by Richard Higgins and Matt Kelly

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Ill. by Richard Higgins. Penguin Random House Australia, 2015. ISBN 9780143308645
This is the first book published by The Listies, Richard and Matt known for their comedic performances for both children and adults. The Ickypedia will be most popular with all readers who are enamoured with bodily functions. Hopefully they will also become keen on developing their own words and developing their vocabulary in order to be able to play with the language.
The dictionary begins with a warning 'Rated S for Stupid'and a letter from G.R.O.S.S. inspectors Frank Lee Outraged, Fudd E. Duddy and A. Noid which gives an indication of the gross but witty content of the book. On first flip through the book there seemed to be an over abundance of toilet humour and I put it to the bottom of the pile. On a more in depth reading I found myself thinking 'Of course. How clever why haven't I thought of that!'
We have all read 'Bedtime Boreys' stories so dull they immediately send you to sleep, participated in 'Careoke', singing in the car and had a 'Pastword' a forgotten password. The 16 ways if spelling orange is an example of the idiosyncrasies of spelling the 'Inglish' language and the way people pronounce words.
From an extensive list of words, in alphabetical order as all good dictionaries are, relating to farting, pooing and spewing to inventive plays on words there is something to tweek the imagination of all readers of all ages. The cartoon style illustrations add meaning to words and assist in understanding the definition given.
If of course you are confused with all the words there is another outrageous book within the book. Below the dotted line is The Counting Book in very small letters. This cleverly includes the page numbers within the story line which doesn't really make sense but is good fun nevertheless.
If Icky-pedia encourages my students to be more interested in playing with words it can only be a good thing, despite the icky bits!
Sue Keane

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