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Dec 02 2015

When Luke Skywalker met Yoda by Michael Siglain

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Star Wars story-time saga. Chirpybird, 2015. ISBN 9781760126476
(Age: 5+) Recommended. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . . The ever popular Star Wars characters, Luke Skywalker and Yoda are featured in this picture book that describes the time when Luke first meets Yoda and is trained in the Force. Fans of the original Star Wars movies will be happy with the retelling of the story as it maintains the quirky nature and dialogue of Yoda, while presenting all the difficulties and mindsets that Luke has to overcome to become a master of The Force.
The narrative is simple and interesting and the story of Luke learning how to become a Jedi Knight is quite compelling. Adults reading the story will reacquaint themselves with the story while new fans will be introduced to many of the characters and concepts in the original movies: Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Darth Vader, the droids R2-D2, x-wing fighters, Jedi knights, the Force, and light sabres. There also are some of the memorable quotes from the movies included in the text. Newly emerging independent readers will be able to manage the large text, which is complemented by the colourful illustrations that give a realistic portrayal of the characters and murky bog of Dagobah.
Another book in the series is When R2-D2 saved the secret plans.
The series is certain to be popular with young readers and Star Wars fans.
Pat Pledger

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