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Nov 09 2015

Three dragons for Christmas by Fiona McDonald, Sophie Masson and Beattie Alvarez, Lisa Stewart and David Allan

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Christmas Press, 2015. ISBN 9780992283896
(Age: 7+) Christmas, Dragons, Folk tales. These original stories by Sophie Masson, Fiona McDonald and Beattie Alvarez add to the plethora of Christmas stories published at the end of each year and add a different flavour to those usually held in schools and homes. The illustrations with their childlike, naive quality may not be as engaging as the stories, but offer the chance for an astute teacher to direct the children to draw their own versions of the dragons as each story progresses.
Each story offers a different aspect of Christmas. The myth like quality of the first, Dragon Market is charming in bringing an old folk tale feel to the story of two poor women unable to sell their goods at the market because of the loud, sparkling competition, then because of their kindness being given a superior piece of material to use the next market day resulting in many orders for their product. The moral of the story, that kindness is rewarded, will not be lost on the young audience.
Similarly with the second story, The Christmas dragon, patience is rewarded when a young dragon, Fiery wants to pull Santa's sleigh and applies for the job. He is too late but is able to save the day with his fiery breath and so fly with Santa when he delivers the presents.
The third offering uses The night before Christmas, as its template and tells the tale of dragons again, waiting for Santa to call. It is a lovely read aloud, and begs for comparing with the original Clement C Moore poem.
Three different and unusual tales to use at Christmas.
Fran Knight

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