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Oct 29 2015

Dinosaur dump by Tim Miller and Matt Stanton

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ABC Books, 2015. ISBN 9780733334634
(Age: 4-7) Recommended for those who like funny books about body functions! A story about dinosaurs from the authors of The fart monster, Dinosaur dump is another humorous book that is sure to appeal to young children who will love the funny verses and wide-eyed dinosaur characters that all use a giant loo with disastrous consequences.
The story is written in funny verse, in bold black type that is easy to read and will stay in children's minds as they re-read the book:
It was a simple life,
But they had a GIANT loo.
It was way up on the hilltop
And today it had a queue. . .

Miller and Stanton are on a winning formula with this book. The verse is great for adults to read aloud and for children to chant along with them, predicting the text, and of course the toilet humour is just what this age group, especially boys, love.
The illustrations are a great accompaniment to the story making the different dinosaurs quite distinct, but also very amusing. I loved the illustration of Tash the pterodactyl who dive-bombed the mountain loo with a disastrous splashback!
Pat Pledger

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