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Oct 27 2015

Rainforest Rumble by Knife & Packer

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Wheelnuts! Craziest Race on Earth. Scholastic, 2015. ISBN 9781743627266
(Age: 7-9) Themes: Car races, Rainforests. The crazy Wheelnuts are back for another wild race, a rainforest rumble where their driving skills are tested against vicious creepy crawlies and mad monkeys. There's Nutz and Boltz driving their high-tech robotic car, Gurgle and Burp and their gas powered Flying Nappy vehicle, the Dino-Wagon, The Supersonic Sparkler controlled by two fairies with attitude, an unreliable 1930's Bugazzi and two pop stars ready to race in their super stretch limo. Warren Wheelie Wheelnut wealthy race organiser has outdone himself as this race promises to be the most difficult - filthy weather, fierce animals and impassable obstacles.
Once again, Knife and Packer have delivered the most extreme conditions and of course, this is a race without road rules or any safety measures. There's an attack from flying flamingos, scary vultures, huge toucans and even a Giant Condor, testing the driver's skills, while Warren's loser brother Wipeout Wheelnut tries to ruin the competition. The action is fast-paced and the racers' skills are constantly tested. Luckily the ingenious gadgets added to their vehicles aid them in their battles with the crazy monkeys, a huge spider and a giant anaconda
Colourful, bold backgrounds, gross cartoon animals and outrageous scenes, Rainforest Rumble is a great addition to the Wheelnuts! series.
Rhyllis Bignell

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