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Oct 22 2015

Peter and the wolf, adapted and illustrated by Ayesha L Rubio

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Five Mile Press, 2015. ISBN 9781760067816
Recommended. Folk tale, Animals, Respect. This old folk tale, written by Sergei Prokofiev, is adapted for a modern audience and stunningly illustrated to appeal to a new generation of readers.
Peter strays outside the garden gate and watches a bird and a duck argue near the pond. A cat skulks by trying to capture the bird but misses. Grandpa admonishes Peter for straying outside the safety of the garden as a wolf is about. Just when Grandpa hauls Peter back, the wolf eats the duck. Peter tells the bird to fly above the wolf's head so that he can capture the wolf. He lassoes its tail when hunters appear wanting to shoot the wolf. Peter placates them and talks to the wolf, offering to let him go free if he releases the duck from his stomach.
The old tale becomes one of reconciliation, of negotiation, of respecting each other.
Readers will love the bold artwork, and thrill at the images of the stalking wolf and the focussed hunters, as well as the image of a determined Peter. His determination becomes almost wolf like as it is given a voice, one which will save the wolf form being killed.
And finding an older version of Peter and the wolf, will give children a chance to compare the two stories and discuss why the author has made the changes.
Wikipedia offers an interesting outline of the original story and a fabulous musical version can be found at Youtube which could be shared on the electronic white board.
Fran Knight

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