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Jun 17 2009

Stanley Paste by Aaron Blabey

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Viking, 2009. ISBN 9780670071807
(Age 5-8) Highly recommended. Poor Stanley Paste hates being small. He's never picked for sport and can't defend himself from the school bullies. Then he meets Eleanor Cabbage who hates being tall because the girls call her a giraffe and other names. Stanley wishes he was tall like Eleanor and Eleanor wishes she was small like Stanley and from that day on they are inseparable. Together they seem to have fewer problems and life grows easier.
A celebration of diversity and the power of friendship, this is a fascinating book that leads to much pondering of what it means to be unique and how individuals can cope with being different. Blabey's illustrations are singular; Stanley's tiny frame, big eyes and wild blond hair are very appealing and when Eleanor wins first prize in the dress-up competition for coming as a giraffe, the reader wants to give a big cheer for her courage and humour.
Much classroom discussion about being tolerant of difference, valuing everyone and the importance of friendship could ensure from reading this book aloud.
I loved it for its strange, funny illustrations and went back to examine it again and again. This is a truly memorable book and one for every library.
Pat Pledger

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