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Oct 19 2015

As big as you by Sara Acton

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Scholastic, 2015. ISBN 9781743629697
(Age: 4+) Highly recommended. Difference, Elephants, Size and shape. The soft watercolour illustrations of Sara Acton fill the pages of this engaging book showing its readers the difference between the words big and small, as the father (Claude) and baby elephant (Finlay) compare their exertions. Claude flaps his ears to cover his head from the sun, while Finlay can only wriggle his: Claude can trumpet loudly but Finlay can only produce a squeak: Claude's feet on the ground sound like thunder, while Finlay's little feet only bounce. Claude can run very fast and Finlay has trouble catching up, so much so that he lags behind and cannot see his father. He climbs a tree to see if he can see Claude, and then falls, finding he can use his ears to float to the ground and into his father's arms.
All the while the wonderful illustrations will attract the readers to watch as Finlay explores his environment, learning what he can and cannot do at his age. Guided by dad, he learns things about himself, and learns particularly that he will grow up to be like dad in time. A wonderful book to read with young children, reinforcing the relationship between father and son, showing readers that they too will be like dad one day, and teaching them the difference between the words big and little.
Fran Knight

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