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Oct 15 2015

True Light by Susannah McFarlane

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EJ12 bk 20 series. LemonFizz Media, Scholastic, 2015. ISBN 9781925206036
(Age: 8-10) Highly recommended. Themes: Family Life, Spies, Codes and Ciphers, Resilience. Family is a very important part of Emma Jack's life, both her mother and her Farmor - father's mother have undertaken SHINE missions and adventures. Although Emma is upset about the loss of her grandmother, she must show courage and resilience as she takes on a new mission with SJ45 her mum. Somewhere in the Arctic Circle SHADOW agents have set up a laboratory to make copies of every world currency. Emma's skills in solving codes are called upon to help find the hidden location.
In EJ12 Girl Hero 20: True Light, solving the present day mission and one that occurred nine months earlier in Sweden are mysteriously linked. In a flashback Emma recalls her special visit with her father's family, celebrating wonderful Christmas traditions. She loves the food - smorgasbord meals, making the meatballs with her cousin and singing to the ham. Emma's father and aunt are concerned for their mother who is looking frail. The day after Christmas Emma and her mother are called out on a mission - Farmor BH85 has a secret spy room in her wardrobe as well.
EJ12 is on another amazing adventure, dog sledding across the icy landscape, helping poisoned reindeer, finding the hidden mine and collecting a mysterious little red horse that has a hidden message. Her present day mission in the Arctic summer is just as exciting, as she works with her mother again to stop SHADOW's evil plans.
Susanna McFarlane's novel gives the reader a great insight into Emma's family life and the SHINE connections. Her descriptions of fabulous scenery, delicious food and Swedish Christmas traditions make this an extra special story in this popular series.
Rhyllis Bignell

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