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Jun 16 2009

The book from Baden Dark by James Moloney

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Angus and Robertson, 2009.
ISBN 9780732287672
(Ages 8-13) The Book from Baden Dark draws together the characters Bea, Fergus, Nicola and Marcel, heroes of The Book of Lies, in a new quest. Marcel is now a powerful magician and is able to decipher the real story concealed in The Book from Baden Dark. With Bea, half elf and half human, who is in search of her lost grandfather, and Fergus, Marcel ventures into the secret underground world of Baden Dark. The three discover and combat powerful forces, including what seems to be the source of evil in the world. However, Marcel's powers have outstripped his ability to control them and he is in danger of making a decision that would irrevocably commit him to the Underworld and harm his friends. Ultimately he chooses the human world and is saved by the skill and loyalty of Bea, who eventually joins him in Elstenwyck where Nicola is now queen. Many favourites characters, including Gadfly, from The Book of Lies reappear and the plot is engaging. Those who enjoyed the earlier work will also enjoy this.
Jenny Hamilton

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