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Oct 12 2015

The Squid Slayer by Jack Heath

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Scream bk 4. Scholastic, 2015. ISBN 9781760152116
(Age: 9-12) Axe Falls is a really terrifying place to live; there are strange animals, mystifying shipwrecks, mysterious monsters and frightening events happening. From the very first page, danger and drama follow adventurous Sarah and her best friend Yvette who ignore the warning signs and explore the deep caverns and tunnels in the sea cliffs. Instead of a ghost sighting, they observe a man in a hi-vis vest carrying explosives. Scared and worried they rush down to the beach. A colossal squid has beached itself and Sarah is unfortunately caught by a thrashing tentacle. A shot from the Sheriff's gun is needed to free the young girl from its suckers. Sarah's diving skills are tested when she explores the shipwreck under the pier near her houseboat.
Every chapter is packed with drama: Sarah and Yvette's exploration of the sunken ship with hundreds of empty cages, the confrontation with a sea monster and the sinking of the houseboat.
Jack Heath's Scream series are fast-paced, action-packed junior novels with short chapters suitable for readers who have high interest levels and lower reading age. The dark graphic descriptions make this a novel suited to 9+ readers. The the black edged pages and borders, the tentacles reaching down from the net and scary chapter headings, all set the atmosphere for this scary novel.
Rhyllis Bignell

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