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Oct 12 2015

Tashi and the Magic Carpet inspired by the Tashi series written by Anna and Barbara Fienberg

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Based on the Popular Television Series. Flying Bark Productions;
Allen and Unwin, 2015. ISBN 9781925267013
(Age: 6+) Themes: Fantasy; Magic; Time travel; Puzzles. The original Tashi book series by Anna and Barbara Fienberg has been transformed into a television series, and this book is a glossy retelling of one of the episodes involving Jack and his distant cousin Tashi. The boys attend an auction conducted by Second Uncle (Tashi's distant relative) and unwittingly buy a magic carpet. By accident his leads them on another adventure as they travel backward and forward in time and eventually rescue Second Uncle from an ill-advised venture.
This glossy publication also includes questions about the story, puzzles, riddles and activities, so would make a good gift for a young independent reader (aged 6+) who has also discovered the TV series.
Carolyn Hull

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