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Oct 07 2015

River Riddle by Jim Dewar

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Scholastic Australia, 2015. ISBN 9781760150518
Picture book. 'Tis the age-old quandary! If Jack leaves Dolly the sheep and the hay together on one side of the river, Dolly will munch it all while he's fetching Frank, the fox. If Jack leaves Frank and the sheep together, while he fetches the sack of hay, poor Dolly will surely become a meal for Frank! What to do?
Jack has to get to market, but the market's on the other side of the deep, wide river. The little boat is not big enough for Jack, two animals and the hay, all together. Jack must come up with a plan.
Clever Jack manages to solve his predicament, without the hay or Dolly being consumed, but all that paddling has left him quite exhausted. Did he reach the market on time?
River Riddle is a rollicking rhyming book, with candid, colourful illustrations, sure to appeal to children everywhere.
J. Kerr-Smith

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