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Jun 15 2009

A book for kidz by C.J. Dennis

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Black dog, 2009. ISBN 9781742030944
(All ages) Highly recommended. A reprint of C.J. Dennis' original book with his own illustrations is a treat for all. Dedicated by the author to 'All good children over four and under four-and-eighty' and with a new introduction by Andy Griffiths, A book for kidz contains entertaining poems and two short stories. The tongue in cheek humour and the contagious rhyme and rhythm and easy tone ensure that it is accessible to people today.
The tongue twisting fun of the poem, The triantiwontigongolope, describing an unknown insect, is one of the most memorable poems and will prove to be just as popular with children today as it was when it was first printed in 1921. Hist is another sure-fire winner with its touches of chilling suspense and delicious sense of humour.
I recall fondly many of the poems found in this book from my childhood and then reading them and teaching them to a receptive audience later as a teacher. Many are timeless and can be read for sheer enjoyment and stimulation of the imagination like the thought-provoking poem, You and I.
Others would fit in beautifully with classroom themes such minibeasts (The ant explorer), and the history of transport, (The tram-man, The porter, Going to school). Other themes like occupations (The sailor, The teacher), and the circus (The circus) are also covered.
This is a fabulous collection that deserves a place in every library. It is wonderful to see such an engaging Australian classic being reprinted.
Pat Pledger

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