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Sep 29 2015

Frankie and Finn by Klay and Mark Lamprell

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Ill. by Lucinda Gifford. Lothian, 2015. ISBN 9780734416186
(Ages: 4-7) Frankie and his family have just moved into a new house. It looks dark and scary. Finn the fish does not really like his home in the pond. It is dark and scary. When Frankie reaches his hand into the murky pond for his ball, Finn thinks the five-head monster with no eyes or mouth is going to squish him and his family. However, when the water clears and Frankie and Finn meet, both of their lives become brighter.
The story highlights how even though the unknown might look dark and scary, a closer look can prove you wrong. It has potential for discussing change, and how things that look different are not always so terrible. The best feature of this book is how the story tells the perspective of both Frankie and Finn and highlights the similarities between the two families. The illustrations are also great in portraying the perspective of Finn the fish's family from under the water.
Nicole Nelson

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