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Sep 29 2015

Duck, duck, goose! ill. by Michaela Blassnig

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Lothian, 2015. ISBN 9780734416315
(Ages: 3-6) Very simple text is combined with vibrant, action-packed illustrations in this story inspired by the children's game duck, duck, goose. As two ducks venture further out into the river they encounter an incredible cast of characters, from frogs doing kung-fu to a ghost shooting boo and a hippo getting a shampoo. The repeated rhyme continues through the whole book, with the last word or phrase changing each time, 'Duck, duck, boo! Duck, duck, pirate crew. Duck, duck, shampoo.' The group grows bigger and bigger with each page, and the book ends with them all looking at the reader, 'Duck, duck, you!'.
In this simple, but humourous picture book, young children will enjoy the strange characters the ducks meet along the way and will be able to join in with the repetitive, predictive text.
Nicole Nelson

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