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Sep 24 2015

Two birds on a wire by Coral Vass

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Ill. by Heidi Cooper Smith. Koala Books, 2015. ISBN 9781742761619
(Age: 2-6) Recommended. Little Bird Blue and Little Bird Black have both found the perfect wire to sit on. The only problem is . . . it is the same wire! Black is blocking Blue's view but Little Bird Black refuses to leave. Blue Bird will not go-he was there first! There is a stand-off - staring, followed by snapping, shoving and heckling. But neither would budge. Little Bird Black declared to Bird Blue 'THIS WIRE IS MINE for I'm BIGGER than you'. And Little Blue says 'You might be bigger but I'm awfully LOUD'. A competition ensues; who can fly higher? Who is the fastest? Who is the best? Finally, they slow down and think 'Why don't we share?'
This well-executed rhyme echoes the everyday arguments of young children for a seat, a toy, a friend or a parent's attention. We all hope that in the end, just like Little Bird Blue and Little Bird Black, they realise everyone will have more fun if they agree to share! Although it contains a moral lesson, the book is fun and engaging, providing for a discussion around social skills but also being a great story to share just for enjoyment.
The illustrations are simple but fantastic, with the autumn countryside restrained against the shiny plumage of Black and Blue. The expression that comes through on the faces of the two birds and their body language is fantastic and gives opportunity for further discussion.
This is a great title for early childhood educators to have on hand.
Nicole Nelson

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