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Sep 18 2015

Tashi series by Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg

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Based on the popular television Series. Allen & Unwin, 2015.
Tashi and the big scoop. ISBN 9781925267006
Tashi and the magic carpet. ISBN 9781925267013
(Age: 6-8) Recommended. Two more exciting stories are taken from the animated Tashi series produced by Flying Bark Productions.
In Tashi and the big scoop the boys and in fact the villagers are woken each morning by the raucous shouts of ogre Tiku Pu and the loud ringing of his bell. He's letting everyone know about the upcoming kite festival and the catastrophes occurring around the town. Jack builds a printing press, determined that the village news should be printed not shouted! Every time the boys rush to gather the news, the ogre beats them to it, yelling out the information to the villagers instead. When icy snowballs splatter on the villagers' heads, the boys race up into the mountains, and an ogre stuck in a crevasse, a large blue monstrous creature and Tiku Pu's greediness, all make for a daring adventure. The boys finally have a big scoop for their paper.
Tashi and the magic carpet begins with Second Uncle preparing to set off on another big adventure, rescuing the monkeys of Munchanana from their prison in the jungle. The boys watch as their uncle auctions off his treasures to raise funds. The boys become the lucky owners of a magic rug, just right for Can Du's birthday present. Whilst beating the dusty rug on the outside line, the boys observe two disguised guards dressed as clowns entering the village. Mayhem ensues when Tashi begins to interpret the diagrams on the dusty rug as ancient runes, and saying the magic words leads to time travel and more adventures. The appearance of the escaped monkeys causes mayhem as well, and the boys are in for another wild ride.
Each book concludes with puzzle pages, activities and games, just right for a young Tashi fan.
Rhyllis Bignell

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