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Sep 15 2015

The big book of gross body facts by Charles Hope

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Wild Dog, 2015. ISBN: 9781742033730
(Age 8+) Recommended. Subjects: Human Body, Diseases. Warning, inside this book are closeup photos of some of the grossest body issues in the world. This book is not for everyone. The aim of the author, Charles Hope is to make sure people stay healthy as your body is an amazing machine, that needs all the different organs, muscles, systems and cells to work together.
The text is easy to read with clear explanations about the why, where and for what purposes different diseases, bodily fluids, skin eruptions and daily events occur. Vomiting, mucous, weeing and pooing, warts, dandruff, moles, sweating, flatulence, and invading germs are just some of the topics covered.
While adults may need to quickly skip some of the photos, the younger readers who enjoy disgusting facts and unpleasant anatomy may be interested in everything from toe nail fungus to vomiting facts! The Big Book of Gross Body Facts lives up to its name; it delivers amazingly magnified and detailed photos, some quite sickening!
Rhyllis Bignell

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