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Sep 10 2015

Burn by Paula Weston

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The Rephaim bk 4. Text, 2015. ISBN 9781925240078
(Age: 15+) Recommended. The final book in the Rephaim series, following Shadows, Haze, and Shimmer, Burn brings this series about angels to a satisfying conclusion. Gaby has finally regained all her memories about why she didn't join Jude and the Outcastes when they left the Sanctuary and just why she wanted to hurt Rafa before they left. This is a tremendous shock to her but even worse is the knowledge that there is going to be a big showdown between the demons, the Fallen angels and the Outcasts, that could jeopardise everyone in the town of Pandanus Beach, which she loves.
Burn has plenty of action to keep the reader who enjoys the violence of battles and descriptions of fit young Rephaim fighting very happy, but it is the emotional impact of the story that had me most engrossed. Gaby/Gabe finally comes into her own, recognising her feelings for Rafa and the Fallen angels. She has to decide whether she will hold past grudges or begin to forgive what has happened. Rafa is still as witty and acerbic as ever, and Jude's leadership qualities are sorely tested.
The setting of Pandanus Beach, with its beautiful surf will be familiar to Australian readers, and provides a fabulous background to the massive battle that happens on the beach. It is also an emotional, but grounding place that Gabe/Gaby can begin to call a home of sorts.
I cannot go into any more detail without giving away what happens, but it is sufficient to say that there are some surprises, a lot of moving emotions and some very thrilling scenes and all the strands are brought together in a most satisfying way. A well written, compelling and exciting series about angels, it is one that that won't be easily forgotten.
Pat Pledger

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