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Sep 09 2015

Pig Dude - He can do anything by Michael Wagner and Adam Nickel

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Billy Goat Books, 2015. ISBN 9780994251718
(Age: 4-8) Recommended. Humour. Mama really believes in Pig Dude and tells him that he can do anything. Pig Dude is determined to find out if he can do the impossible - fly! He tries all kinds of things to get him into the air; he attaches a rocket to himself, pastes on feathers but it is not until he gets a bunch of balloons and some help from friendly birds that he is successful.
This is a very amusing book which will really appeal to its young audience, who will be able to predict what Pig Dude might do to get into the air. Of course he has lots of adventure, often with very funny results which will also appeal to young children. Of course there are some body function problems which will have children giggling and make it a sure fire winner for the young child who loves toilet humour.
The vibrant illustrations by Adam Nickel show a very appealing Pig Dude, with a striped shirt and a cap with a propeller on it. These are sure to grab the attention of the reader, and greatly add to the appeal of the book.
Pig Dude will appeal to children if it is read aloud to them, who will appreciate the fact that Mama really believes in Pig Dude and that he is determined to succeed. It will also be a boon for the newly independent reader with its 64 pages, big type and easy vocabulary.
Pat Pledger

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