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Aug 31 2015

Something's amiss at the Zoo by Jen Breach

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Lothian Children's Books, 2015. ISBN 9780734416223
The zookeepers at this crazy, mixed-up zoo really don't seem to know what's best for their animals. Who ever heard of Kitty Litter for Catfish?
Could a shark be happy in a tiny jungle pool? Does a spider monkey really want to eat flies and spin a web? And, LOOK OUT elephant beetle! Look out for the elephants!
The expressions on the faces of the animals on this book's front cover can only leave the reader wondering what COULD be amiss at this zoo.
Happily a small, clever boy comes and helps to salvage the situation for the bewildered zoo animals, so they can all reside happily.
This amusing, beautifully illustrated book is sure to appeal to younger readers.
J. Smith

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