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Aug 20 2015

Poppy in the Field by Mary Hooper

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Bloomsbury Publishing, 2015. ISBN 9781408827635
(Age: 13 years+) The first world war carries on and VAD Poppy Pearson finds herself mending a broken heart from the love of her life. Desperately trying to put him behind her, Poppy travels to France nearer to the front lines hoping to help more of the wounded soldiers of the dreadful battle, easing their pains, treating their wounds. Poppy tries to do as much good as she can amidst the bad, but many heartaches rattle her journey forward. With the loss of family and the gain of new friendships and love, and difficulties for both her and the soldiers she cares for, she battles against all odds, sacrificing much and gaining little and the war is proving to not only be on the battlefield, but inside Poppy as well.
The followup book to the novel Poppy, Poppy in the field is story of gentle love and painful loss, regret, guilt and death. Hooper unfolds the story of the renowned World War I in the eyes of Poppy Pearson, a heroine who - though in a foreign situation to many - readers will be able to relate with as we follow Poppy and her letters in the many troubles she faces both in the sickroom and at home. Hooper writes a heartfelt story that will leave many smiling, sobbing and most probably, both.
Clarissa Cornelius (Student)

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