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Aug 18 2015

The case of the really, REALLY magnetic magnet by Michael Gerard Bauer

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Ill. by Joe Bauer. Secret Agent Derek Danger Dale series. Omnibus Scholastic, 2015. ISBN 9781742990675
(Age: 8+) Recommended. Themes: Heroes, Adventure, Spies, Good and Evil. Another fast paced escapade with Secret Agent Derek 'Danger' Dale. Derek is trapped in the nerve centre of the Notoriously Nasty, but Nevertheless Nifty, Ninja's Hideout, inside a transparent dome with a bomb set to explode in five minutes. Her Supreme Nastiness put him in this perilous situation and disappears like a secret, silent Ninja. Of course, no-one back at Secret Agents R Definitely NOT Us is very helpful so Derek uses his ingenuity and buff chest to solve the problem. When he learns that Dr. Evil Macevilness and his three goons have escaped from prison, Derek goes undercover with a little help from Madam Sigrid D. Skize. The Secret Agent is ready for his next exploit. He becomes Arn De Cuvver and is quickly recognised by the evil doctor, he's dumped in a pool with Petunia the piranha. Luckily the fish is flung out of the water and stuck on the mini magnet's magnetic disc. Dr. Evil Macevilness's plot to steal all the gold at a wealthy family wedding is of course foiled by the brilliant secret agent.
This Secret Agent Derek 'Danger' Dale story delivers all the fun elements young readers enjoy: crazy-named humorous characters, funny puns, diabolical plots and unexpected situations. Joe Bauer's zany cartoon strips that run vertically on each page bring the secret agent to life.
Rhyllis Bignell

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