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Aug 17 2015

The amazing true story of how babies are made by Fiona Katauskas

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ABC Books, 2015. ISBN: 9780733333880
(Ages 5+) Highly recommended. There are tried and tested, classic books explaining how babies are made, but this one makes itself relevant with its up-to-date information, inclusive of IVF and sperm donation and other modern baby-making topics. Perfect for use with children of all ages, the book is ideal for parent use but teachers will also be able to pick out suitable sections, depending on the age of the students. It will be especially useful for body awareness, and relationship and sexual health education. In addition to providing information, this book will assist children to develop confidence in their body while encouraging an awareness and appreciation of difference - both among and between genders and age groups. Separated into sections, it starts by exploring the differences between males and females, and then uses this terminology and information to explain sex and fertilisation; it is here that information about non-traditional fertilisation is included. The book then follows the growth and birth of a baby, including paragraphs about premature babies and caesarean births. It concludes with the assertion that making babies is one of the most amazing things that human bodies do and that we are all made this way! Colourful illustrations, humour and plain English make this an easy and embarrassment-free title for parents to use. It is comprehensive and detailed without being dreary and addresses those things young children are curious about; it explains erections, puberty and sex in a matter-of-fact and honest way. Diagrams and pictures are accurate while also being fun, and at times humorous. Everything is described in a way that even the youngest child will understand and it has a warm rather than clinical tone. The author wrote this in response to the lack of any up-to-date material to use with her own children. It fills an obvious gap and is therefore a necessary addition to every parent library.
Nicole Smith-Forrest

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