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Aug 06 2015

My amazing Dad by Ezekiel Kwaymullina

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Ill. by Tom Jellett. Little Hare, 2015. ISBN 9781921894862
(Age: 4+) Highly recommended. Families, Fathers, Difference. What a delightful story. Having just read Fly-in fly-out Dad (Sally Murphy) this story compliments the other like a hand in a glove, both reflecting the diversity of arrangements that make up Australia's families.
In My amazing Dad, the children reflect upon the things that their father does with them. He is different as Jellett shows in the opening picture of the two children on Dad's back, all still in their pyjamas. The stage is set for a Dad who stays home with his children. Overleaf, he does not like mowing lawns, but loves to make a mess. He never gets the two children to school on time, but gets there in the end. He cannot bake a cake but they all eat happily what he buys at the bakery. Each pair of two double pages presents Dad and something he doesn't like doing, but overleaf shows what he does instead. He may not be the 'typical' Dad but has many other wonderful qualities ensuring the lives of his children are happy, safe and full of humour.
The subtle inclusion of Mum returning from work at the end underscores the stay at home Dad theme, and adds to the love filled story.
Jellett's illustrations fill the pages, bringing a sense of fun and excitement to the children's days as Dad does things in an unexpected way. Jellett's expressions are priceless and his ability to make a flat painted face reflect so much expression will amaze the readers as they can read what each character is feeling with ease.
I just love the humour, from the toys the children have, appearing on most pages, to the frog cakes in the bakery window, the tool kit in the bathroom and the bathroom full of bubbles. Readers will readily recognise each stage of daily events and laugh out loud at Dad's antics.
Fran Knight

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