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Aug 03 2015

Amulet Keepers by Michael Northrop

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Tombquest bk 2. Scholastic Australia, 2015. ISBN 9781760150389
The Tombquest series follows the model of Scholastic's previous offerings with an interactive game promoted in association with the books. Fans of this series will need an interest in all things related to mummies and Egyptology and be comfortable with the dark and depressing atmosphere of an old London cemetery and creaky Museum.
It follows The Book of the Dead in which Alex's life is saved by his desperate mother using the Lost Spells of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Unfortunately Death Walkers are awakened at the same time and his mother disappears along with the Lost Spells. Having defeated one of the Death Walkers in New York and learning about the mysterious Order, Alex and Ren, his best friend, head to London where strange things are happening.
Fortunately Alex's cousin Luke has been sent along to attend an athletics camp as he needs to save them from some suspicious thugs before they leave the airport and continues to turn up at random times throughout the book fortunately at a critical time to disrupt the enemy.
With missing persons, the disappearance of Dr Ardit, their contact at the British Museum, a mummified cat which comes to life, amulets with magical powers, and strange happenings at Highgate Cemetery, the adventure continues.
Alex is solely focussed on finding his mother and takes off on his own whilst Ren frightened and cautious is keen to learn more from the museum before taking on the Death Walkers and the not so old mummy of British tomb raider Captain Willoughby. Both are in danger and it is only by working together that they are able to succeed.
Personally this is not a series I will be keen to continue reading as I am neither a fan of Mummy mysteries nor have I been able to develop a sympathetic affinity for Alex, the main character and his guilt laden single minded behaviour.
Sue Keane

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