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Jul 29 2015

Storm Rescue by Darrel and Sally Odgers

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Ill. by Janine Dawson. Pup Patrol bk 3. Scholastic Australia, 2015. ISBN 9781743623015
(Age: 6-8 years) Recommended. Storm Rescue is the third book in the Pup Patrol Series by the same authors who bought us the delightful Jack Russell: Dog Detective and Pet Vet series. Aimed at the young independent reader and narrated by Stamp we are given a dog's view of events.
Stamp, the Border Collie, and his friends Ace, 'a dog of mixed breed and bad manners', and James, their human, attend the Great Atherton K9 Festival, but competition is not the only challenge they have to face. It appears that Cyclone Julia has headed out to sea as James and the dogs arrive at the Festival campsite, meeting other participants and organisers and inspecting the course in preparation for the competition the next day. Ace is less than happy, though young Imogen's attempts to make friends impress her.
Cyclone Julia arrives with little warning and the campers and their animals head to the nearby woolshed for shelter. There Stamp helps James and other Civil Defence volunteers secure the site and round up panicked animals whilst Ace keeps Imogen company as the storm rages outside.
As the cyclone passes it is up to Stamp to find Imogen and Ace who appear to have gone missing during the night.
There are many appealing features to this story, not just the messages about responsible dog ownership and care when approaching unfamiliar animals. The black and white illustrations add to the enjoyment and give readers visual clues to some of the events like the cyclone's arrival. The addition of a glossary at the end of each chapter explaining Stamp's own language like 'yaffle' and 'smarl' and a variety of words with paws included like 'pawsessive' and 'suppaws' as well as concepts like Civil Defence and Pack Order help support comprehension and add to the reader's knowledge.
Sue Keane

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