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Jul 28 2015

The Possum Magic Cookbook compiled by Gina Inverarity and Celia Jellett

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Ill. by Julie Vivas. Omnibus/Scholastic, 2015. ISBN: 9781742991214
(Age: 6+) Highly recommended. Grandma Poss is back with a collection of fabulous Australian recipes for well known and loved food. All the favourites are gathered here: Under the section Savouries can be found Double decker sandwiches, tasty sausage rolls and cheese straws as well as many other yummy things that kids (and adults) will love to make. In the Sweets section, are 3 of my personal all-time favourites: Pavlova, Anzac biscuits and Lamingtons. And then there are recipes that are sure to tickle the fancy of children: funny dip echidna, frog jelly and sparkle biscuits. Each of the recipes is set out in a simple, easy to follow way, with a note at the top to tell the user whether it is easy for kids or if it needs an adult to help out. The ingredients are set out in large type and the instructions can be read by an independent reader.
To top off this great recipe book are the gorgeous illustrations by Julie Vivas. One of my favourites is for the Easy Peasy Pizza where Grandma Poss can be seen swinging around with stars surrounding her while four little echidnas dressed as lifesavers carry a yummy pizza on their heads. And there is the funny and charming way that the possums have of separating eggs for the Pavlova.
This is a beautiful book that would be fabulous for both children and adults alike. Not only does it have really wonderful recipes gathered together in one volume, its illustrations set it apart.
Pat Pledger

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