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Jul 14 2015

The Ogglies go to school by Erhard Dietl

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Starfish Bay Publishing, 2015. ISBN 9780994100719
(Age: All) Highly recommended. The Ogglies Go To School is a gorgeous picture book that tells the story of the Oggly children and their first day at school. The Ogglies eat rusty cans and love sticky soup. They have green skin, lumpy noses and tough teeth. Ogglies love to be muddy and Grandma has an absolutely funny song she likes to sing.
On the first day of school, the teacher has an emergency and Grandma Oggly takes charge. She has the children drawing and getting muddy but having a pet dragon to help the children get clean and dry helps. The children love having the Ogglies at school and the Ogglies love school. Children will love the song that includes gross words that all children will giggle at - oggly poo and fly pee. It will be a great story for adults to read out loud to their children due to the nonsense Oggly language and the illustrations will be cause for great discussion.
The book is highly recommended for all children. The text is aimed at independent readers aged 9+ but it will be enjoyed by all reading levels. It has descriptive language and detailed illustrations. The story is engaging and a great way to engage students as they investigate narrative structure and would be good for students to create their own gross stories.
Kylie Kempster

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