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Jul 14 2015

Jurassic farts by P U Ripley

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Ill. by Evan Palmer. Scholastic, 2015. Hard cover with audio module. ISBN 9781760150327
(Age: 4 - 8 years) Jurassic Farts author, P U Ripley has been named 'Fartsperson of the Year' an impressive five times by the Royal Fartological Society. He is widely acclaimed and lives somewhere with his trained turtle Donald. Ripley shares his extensive knowledge of dinosaurs in this engaging spotter's guide that has been colourfully and creatively illustrated by Evan Palmer.
While the personal noises and habits of dinosaurs may not always be dinner conversation, for every genuine, junior Jurassic spotter out there, this book is a must. It combines fun, facts, and teaching with creative imaginings, brilliantly - from the how-to's of pronunciation, to the low-down on when and where dinosaurs roamed and other exciting statistics, to its built-in audio module. The gurgling sounds of many a dinosaur's bottom that emanate from the push-button fart-machine brings these ancient creatures alive, and while its hard cover pages will suit knock-about little spotters, serious in-the-field spotters will appreciate having this tough reference in their backpacks. 'Jurassic Farts' is colourful, cheekily informative, and quite possibly close to the real deal. It is indeed a compendium for every budding 'dinosaur fartologist' who probably comes somewhere within the realms of 4-8 years old.
Colleen Tuovinen

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