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Jul 10 2015

Eve and the runaway unicorn by Jess Black

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Keeper of the crystals bk 1. New Frontier Publishing, 2015. ISBN 9780957988415
(Age: 7+) Fantasy. Adventure. Environmental damage. Eve and her friend Oscar discover a magical trunk in Eve's Grandma's attic. The fantasy adventure follows as they enter a magical world where animals are guardians of people that live in a desert created as the result of the environmental plundering by a cruel ruler. Eve becomes the answer to a prophecy that enables her to restore this damaged world with the support of the magical unicorn who is her guardian. This book is reminiscent of C. S. Lewis' The lion, the witch and the wardrobe, with the transition from the present time through an unexpected portal, however this is much more simply written and the solution is far less complex (although perhaps a little too easily contrived). The pink cover and female central character perhaps cater for a young female audience, but the conflict in the fantasy world could appeal to boys also.
The book will be enjoyed by readers aged 7+, and the fantasy world is relatively simple to understand for the younger audience.
Carolyn Hull

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