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Jul 09 2015

Summer spell by Karen Wood

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Trickstars series. Allen & Unwin, 2015
ISBN 9781743319062
(Age: 8+) Family. Magic. Overcoming difficulties. The trick-riding triplets are back! This is book 2 in the Trickstars series, and in this book we view the action from the perspective of the slightly anxious triplet, Lexie. The girls need to compete in a trick horse-riding competition against old family rivals (also with gypsy heritage) who are challenging them for the right to a valued gold belt (with possible magical influence). The competing family manage to use their own magical skills to give Lexie a rather unusual olfactory experience which upsets her normal balance and her ability to cope with pressure. The final competition requires all of their horse-riding and performance skills to be put on show, in order to overcome the spell-binding (pun intended!) skills of the other team. The girls' grumpy Grandpa even has an unexpected role.
The magic in the book is really just mild fantasy, and mostly the characters need to learn to hone their own strengths, rather than rely on any external powers. This makes this a charming book for young readers aged 8+.
Carolyn Hull

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