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Jul 08 2015

Every move by Ellie Marney

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The Every series, Bk 3. Allen & Unwin, 2015. ISBN 9781743318539
(Age: 15+) Highly recommended. Mystery. Crime. Sherlock Holmes. The third in The Every trilogy brings this nail biting series to a very dramatic conclusion. Rachel is still very uptight about the events in London (Every word) and Mycroft is not communicating with her. She grabs the chance to take a road trip back to her old home in the country with her brother, but is not so happy to see his friend Harris, who always seems to make inappropriate comments to her. Back in Melbourne with Harris in tow, things begin to become dangerous with a series of murders that appear to have been instigated by Mr Wild, Mycroft's personal Moriarty, and it becomes evident that Rachel and Mycroft will have to do something to stop the carnage. With the help of Harris they set things in place for a final denouncement.
The addition of Harris as a major player in the third book added a great deal of interest to the story. His background story of a difficult family life which he hides by ill-placed humour give him depth and the skills that he has learnt in the country are crucial to the trap that the three make to capture Mr Wild. He also teaches Rachel some basic self-defence moves and boosts her self-confidence.
There is action galore as the trio take on the very scary Wild and his associates and the relationship between Mycroft and Rachel also develops in a very satisfying way.
I loved this series, its fast paced action and its fascinating characters and can't wait to see what Ellie Marney writes next.
Pat Pledger

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