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Jun 03 2009

The locket of dreams by Belinda Murrell

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Random House, 2009. ISBN 9781741662917.
Recommended especially for upper primary girls. Based on her own grandmother's story, Belinda Murrell has captured the atmosphere of Scotland in 1858. Modern day Sophie, whilst staying with her grandmother Nonnie and wearing Scottish Charlotte's golden locket, time slips to Charlotte and Nell's Scottish home. Later, when the girls' fortunes are undone by a scheming uncle and aunt they sail to Australia to live a completely different life with one of their Mother's cousins, Annie McLaughlin and her caring family. Here they find love, acceptance and fascinating experiences. Their Australian journey includes encounters with bushrangers and fighting a fire. The story of the box Nonnie showed Sophie begins the enchanting tale. Sophie slips whilst wearing the locket into Charlotte and Eleanor's lives but this also helps Sophie cope with her own family issues. The story fits the historical fiction genre well, but the time slips are not always as smooth as they could be. Nonetheless, it's a delightful read. I note that Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce is once again on the shelves as is Kirsty Murray's Market Blues both of which are well worth reading.
Sue Nosworthy

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