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Jun 02 2009

The gimlet eye by James Roy

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Quentaris, Series 2, Book 3
Ford Street Publishing, 2009
ISBN 9781876462772226
(Ages 10+) Recommended. Quentaris is still floating in the sky even though the Archon is dead. His corrupt nephew Florian is the unscrupulous ruler. Tab Vidler, an apprentice magician, who as part of the Navigator's Guild has sought and entered new vortexes, now finds many of her friends have been 'demoted, corrupted or simply vanished' (p9). Using her mind reading ability and with the help of a rat, she speaks with Skelka, now in prison. It is up to Tab and her friends who have been kidnapped to find the Yarka, and gather the treasure for the corrupt ruler. As in much fantasy, the story becomes convoluted and exciting. An interesting read for lovers of this genre.
The novel can be read alone (as I have), but I suspect the overall enjoyment comes from the whole series. That different well established authors have written the previous books can be an interesting challenge for the current reader.
I hope readers will be enthused to go on to read Isobelle Carmody and the Obernewtyn series (still not finished), but an enchanting ride into other worlds as is Phillip Pullman and his Dark Materials.
Sue Nosworthy

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