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May 31 2009

The adventures of Nanny Piggins by R.A Spratt

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Random House, 2009.
ISBN 9781741663167
(Age 5-9) Recommended for good Junior Primary readers and early Primary readers. After Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a pig as a nanny who consumes chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner is appealingly delectable to young readers. Imagine having 'a hearty dinner of caramel brownies and sherbet lemons'! (p45) Add to the mix Father Mr Brown, who is most always away from home, and three children who relish the amazing and original ways that Nanny Piggins solves the outrageous incidents that occur. Her imagination and inventiveness knows no boundaries. Which child wouldn't want to have a flying pig who had run away from the circus as their carer! The adventures begin innocently enough, but with Nanny Piggins running the entertainment, nothing is ordinary. Nanny (Sarah) Piggins, was formerly a flying pig in a circus, so when the Ringmaster turns up to take Nanny Piggins back to the circus, the fun really begins! Boris, her adopted brown bear brother, brought from Russia to dance in the circus and her sister cause many a worry to the children. The asides amuse and inform the reader, who can willingly revel in the escapades. It's not a difficult read and will appeal to children with a very sweet tooth and lots of imagination!
Typeface is clear and well spaced.
Sue Nosworthy

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