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May 31 2009

Zig Zags series

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Pearson Education, 2009.
(Ages: 6-8) Books in the series include The Thirsty Moose, Open Wide, Dinosaur Planet, Tall Tilly and The Clumsy Cow, Betty Betty's Spell
These latest additions to the Zig Zags series are sure to engage and interest young children. Suitable for newly independent readers aged between six and eight, they are also perfect for shared reading experiences with an adult.
Each book contains fewer than 150 words. The bright and attractive illustrations give good contextual clues for young readers and are visually engaging.
Each book builds a simple storyline through to a satisfying conclusion. The characters are likeable and believable. The themes of overcoming fear or insecurities and beating bullies are developed with humour and compassion, with the series deftly avoiding a lecturing tone.
This is a versatile series. The language level makes them suitable for class reader boxes while their themes of family life, growth and change, and discovering new horizons make them valuable additions to a thematic library.
Rachel Flenley

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