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May 19 2009

Miki Falls: Summer by Mark Crilley

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HarperCollins, 2007.
(Age 11-14) Miki tells the story about her forbidden love and the sort of relationships that happen in this world since she's known her boyfriend.
Miki's boyfriend is a kind of supernatural being called Delivers. He observes couples to see if they have true love and he gives tests to see if the couples could survive. If they can't, he will take their love and give it to another couple who have a chance. When Miki got to his house planning to surprise him, she sees him with another girl, who is a Deliver just like him.
Afterwards in her boyfriend's notebook, she sees some notes about her friend and her friend's boyfriend. She finds out that her friend's boyfriend is cheating on her with another friend.
Her friend accuses Miki of cheating on her with her boyfriend. Later Miki's boyfriend takes her out on proper dates. Then at this time the girl appears again to warn her off so Miki breaks up with her boyfriend, but Miki and her friend forgive each other because her friend's boyfriend confessed what happened. Miki's boyfriend still doesn't want to break up.
Lisa Cao (student)

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