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May 07 2009

The composer is dead by Lemony Snicket

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Harper Collins, 2009.
(Ages:all) Recommended. This story is a crime tale, and the detective called to the scene of the crime, goes through the whole orchestra in search of the murderer. One by one he eliminates each section of the orchestra, finding out where they were at the time in question. On each double page spread the section of the orchestra under suspicion is drawn in silhouette, and bars of music are scattered from one page to another. The whole is a musical treat, as it introduces younger readers to the instruments which make up an orchestra and what each section does. The composer's death is still a mystery at the end, but all the orchestra including the conductor admit to having some hand at killing a composer at some time in their lives. Linked with humour, dancers, bars of music and the best of illustrations, every reader will be entranced,
The beautifully illustrated and presented hard cover book, The composer is dead, is augmented with a CD containing the story narrated by Lemony Snicket, and the instrumental version, tucked into the front inside cover. The illustrations by Carson Ellis reflect the humour inherent in the tale, using a small range of colour luminously. This book is a treat for all.
Fran Knight

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