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Jan 02 2015

Clementine Rose series by Jacqueline Harvey

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Random House, 2014
Clementine Rose and the Treasure Box. ISBN 9781742757537
Clementine Rose and the Famous Friend. ISBN 9781742757551
(Age: K - Yr 3) Here are the next two adventures in this series about this fun-loving five
year-old designed for the newly-independent reader who is looking for a recognisable character and the support of short chapters, an easy-to-read style with a splash of humour and cute illustrations that add a richness to the story.
In Clementine Rose and the Treasure Box, Clementine Rose is ecstatic because there are three new children in the new family-next-door for her to play with AND the children's mother is a ballet teacher. But as usual, fate steps in and things do not go smoothly.
In Clementine Rose and the Famous Friend it's back to school time and there is a new teacher who is very different from Mrs Bottomley - a prospect nearly all our students are facing and feeling a little anxious about. On top of that, there's a strange guest at Pemberthey House whose mysteriousness adds to the anxiety.
Each time Miss 8 has come to visit lately, she's eyed these two books in my review pile and asked "Have you reviewed them yet?" Even though Clementine Rose is younger than she is, she really relates to her as a character and I know Clementine Rose and the Treasure Box with its ballet theme is going to be devoured when she finally gets them. I will be the BEST grandma - I can hear it now!
This is a series that is going from strength to strength with the newly-independent brigade and they eagerly await each new episode. Clementine Rose shares a blog with Alice-Miranda and her own website.
There are also teaching notes for the series.
As a bonus this year there is also The Clementine Rose Busy Day Book  full of activities to go with the series that is going to be a godsend in those lazy, late January days when the heat is on and physical activity is off. And if that's not enough, there are two more titles coming very soon.
Barbara Braxton

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