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Nov 17 2014

Go to sleep, Jessie! by Libby Gleeson

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Ill. by Freya Blackwood. Little Hare, 2014. ISBN 9781742977805
(Age: 3+) Recommended. Sleep, Siblings, Family. The young girl cannot sleep, because her new sister, Jessie screams when put to bed.
She goes down to see her parents and asks their help, and Mum comes upstairs to check on the baby. She changes her nappy, pats her on the back and whispers a song, then creeps back downstairs. But still Jessie screams. Dad comes upstairs and tells them a story and leaves the music box on as he creeps back downstairs. But still Jessie screams. The girl decides that she no longer wants Jessie in her room, so father takes Jessie off in the car to try and get her to sleep. The girl watches from her window, she is alone, and she cannot sleep. A wonderful twist occurs at the end of the book when Jessie is returned to the bedroom.
With Blackwood's engrossing illustrations redolent of family life, of the disruption caused by a new member of the household, the beautiful words are paralleled on every page. Freya's drawings range from small rows of pictures to full page, with many framed images reflecting a range of episodes within the family. The text layout and use of white is wonderful, ensuring readers are aware that this is deliberate, making them look more closely at the words and pictures on each page.
Fran Knight

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