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Nov 10 2014

The Last Thirteen series by James Phelan

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Scholastic, 2014.
The Last Thirteen: 4. Book 10. ISBN 9781742831930
The Last Thirteen: 3. Book 11. ISBN 9781742831947
The extremely popular The Last Thirteen series by James Phelan continues its fast-paced ride toward the ultimate conclusion. Following the characters as they travel the world, deal with their enemies, face each dangerous situation head on, the reader is drawn into the Dreamer's world. Each book ends with a cliffhanger and the next begins with a recap of previous events, the end is in sight.
In The Last Thirteen: 4 Sam is dramatically rescued in the waters near Japan by the Japanese Prime Minister - a Dreamer as well. His dreams foretell his next destination, Cambodia and the ancient temple of Angkor Watt where he needs to search for the tenth Dreamer. Eva's story continues, she confronts her worst fears while participating in the Dreamer Doors game. She travels across the world with her team to locate Solaris' hidden Gears. In the meantime, Alex too, is caught up in a different adventure, captured by Hans, on a boat headed for icy waters. Sam's exploration of the temple of Angkor Wat is fraught with danger, he has to outwit ancient traps to escape with the next Gear. Unfortunately, his journey is marred by tragedy and he questions his ability to continue.
In The Last Thirteen: 3 Sam's quest continues with Eva his friend the eleventh Dreamer as they travel to the Australian outback racing to find the next gear. Meanwhile, Alex is still caught up in a dangerous sea voyage with Hans as they fight pirates, explore deep under the sea in Antarctica.
There is a comprehensive website with exclusive information, competitions, updates and book trailers. The countdown clock shows how many minutes until the next book is released.
Rhyllis Bignell

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