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Nov 07 2014

This little piggy went singing by Margaret Wild

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Ill. by Deborah Niland. Allen & Unwin, 2014. ISBN 9781743319123
(Age:3+) Recommended. Rhyme, Activities. A companion to This little piggy went dancing, this tale like the other is based around the nursery rhyme, This little piggy went to market, a rhyme played with small children. Each page shows the five little pigs in various poses and clothing, doing something quite different. The first little pig is always doing something outside the home, the second stays at home and is involved with something there, the third is always involved with food, while the fourth little pig seems to miss out, and the fifth sings, plays a drum, or dances all the way home. Each double page is full of action and activity, inviting the reader to do the same. From making costumes to making decorations, dancing, eating out, eating watermelon and wrapping presents, from the first page, readers will see that the five little pigs are doing Christmas things. And this invites the readers to do some as well. Noisy, active, playful readers will get a buzz from this book, shared with an adult, learning the customs of Christmas, and helping the family get ready for their celebrations. The mischievous illustrations will be doubly entrancing to those who read the book, and glitter on the front cover will ensure it is picked up from the library shelves.
Fran Knight

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