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Nov 01 2014

Sally Snicker's knickers by Lynn Ward

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Ill. by Anthea Stead. Walker, 2014. ISBN 9781921720499
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Verse, Underwear, Humour, Difference. Sally is unusual and likes to wear her knickers on her head in preference to a hat. The first half of the book shows her in her knicker wearing guise, with vibrant images showing a broad range of undies; boxer shorts, Y-fronts, long johns, cottontails, lycra, all placed on Sally's grinning head. But not everyone accepts her oddity, particularly not her teacher who reminds her of the school hat rule. But the rest of her class make the teacher change her decision and all is resolved very neatly.
This is a lovely tale of difference, of not obeying rules, of having your friends support the decision you have made. Sally tries on all of her knickers as well as a few from other people on her head. Readers will laugh out loud at Sally and her preference for frilly knickers or floral knickers, with all shades between, until she arrives at school to find some opposition.
The four line verses are fluid and easy to read out loud, filling out Sally's other traits, enabling readers to feel empathy for the girl who likes to wear knickers on her head, as well as odd socks, and sometimes no shoes. The colourful illustrations add to the scope and humour of the story as readers will love recognising the different sorts of knickers shown.
Fran Knight

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