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Oct 30 2014

Crooked Leg Road by Jennifer Walsh

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Allen & Unwin, 2014. ISBN 9781743316931
(Ages: 12+) The four friends in this adventure have met previously in Jennifer Walsh's earlier book, The Tunnels of Tarcoola. The formula is sure to be a winner for young readers; there is plenty of action, the setting is local and distinctly Australian, the friends have a great rapport with each other, the villains are quite disagreeable and the atmosphere is decidedly frightening and mysterious. Walsh's writing style keeps the reader guessing and anticipating. The lives of four friends become veiled in secrecy and fear as one of them, David, is apparently kidnapped from the back lane of his house.
A few days previously, Andrea had witnessed a strange van parked in the same spot and she suspects a drug deal. A new boy to their school seems to be connected to all this as well. Numerous presumptions and risky decision-making follow, taking the four friends to an isolated part of the bush, where their loyalties are tested under dangerous circumstances.
Crooked Leg Road is a fast paced and enjoyable read and an excellent action story published at a time when young teenagers are looking for good crime and mystery stories.
Julie Wells

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